DEVELOPING A VISION STATEMENT: (Explains WHERE your organization is going in the future)

Think of a Vision Statement as your North Star, pointing everyone to where the business will look like in the future. It brings things into focus so everyone knows where we want to go...from point A to point B.

The Vision Statement is a forward-thinking and vivid description that describes how you visualize the company in the future. When developing your vision statement, think BIG, be descriptive in what you want to accomplish in a 5-10 year time-frame. Think far ahead and make it audacious, yet still attainable in the future. When everyone in the company understands the vision it can infuse the organization with a sense of purposeful action. To attain the vision of the company, everyone MUST know and SEE the vision in order for the company to get there.



To come up with ideas....Think what the future holds in HR/Payroll in five years? What does it look like? What will people/businesses be able to do then that is not being done now?